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And now for something completely different...

Welcome to my personal Python page. You will only find some links to other sites, as I haven't had time or energy to put together some stuff of general interest.

Python is a portable, object-oriented and last but not least easy-to-learn scripting language which can be used for everything from throwaway-scripting to complete applications .

Because it is quite easy to read and to understand, and because it is portable and especially because much stuff for processing PDB-files (containing information about molecular models (Proteins, RNA, organic and inorganic molecules) already existed, I had chosen Python as the implementation language for some data-parsing and conversion tools I desperately needed during and shortly after my diploma-work.

More recently I have written some glue-logic for my Ph.D. work (macromolecular crystallography) which does more or less similar things as the GROMOS96-scripts: Input-generation and some logfile-parsing.

I got lucky in being paid to program in Python during my industry-career at Exelixis, BASF Plant Science as well as BASF Business Services.

To be somehow usefull, here is the proof, that Python is good and Java and Perl are evil:

print "Hello world!"

Although this will have to be written as

print("Hello world!")

from now on, still not bad compared to Java or Visual Basic.

If you still don't believe me, try this

from __future__ import braces

And if you still don't believe me, read this

Visit my GitHub account for some Python code (most of which has been written by other people though).


Some usefull packages

And about everything AI-related (there, I said it).