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Not exactly academic postdoc positions only, but everything after my Ph.D


More IT.

2019 I switched jobs again. Writing software for BASFs IDP and supporting research people.

BASF Business Services GmbH

Good bye research.

Five years into green biotech it was time to try something new (my former employer helped me in this by deciding it was time to leave Germany (mostly)). From 2013 on I worked as a Senior Consultant for the IT branch of BASF group.

BASF Plant Science Company GmbH

Back to industry. Between July 2007 and December 2012 I worked for BASF Plant Science Company GmbH as a Bioinformatician, having fun with databases and Microsoft integrated development tools.

MPI for Developmental Biology

After my first not so lucky visit to the world of economy and free markets, I decided it would be the right move to do some post-doctoral studies. Until mid-2007 I have been working as a bioinformatics computer scientist at the MPI for Developmental Biology in Tübingen.

A zebrafish
I worked on implementing a microarray-database for the ZF-Models-project, which has been showcased in Seattle. Doing so I had to learn a bit more about Apple computers, Perl (particulary Bioperl) and PHP.

Proteom Centrum Tübingen

Some bacteria
Before I went to the MPI I have been at the University of Tübingen, planing, implementing and running the bioinformatics part of the Proteom Centrum Tübingen.

Beside doing IT, I have done a larger study on Staphylococcus aureus which has been published in Proteomics.


Me, my IBM R32 and some junk
While finishing my Ph.D. I have been hired by Exelixis Deutschland GmbH, the -no longer existing- german branch of Exelixis Inc. from South San Francisco. The picture to the left shows me, sitting in front of our building in Tübingen, the former MPI for Biology (no, that picture was taken prior to the liquidation of the company ;-) ).