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This is the personal homepage of Marc Sarić.

It includes some stuff related to my studies, Ph.D. and Postdoc as well as a review of useful programs forAndroid, Symbian phones and Palm Pilots. There are also a few Linux-HowTos and some Python code.

I can also be found on Google, Xing, LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub, Flickr, Yahoo and I had a small, fat avatar called DoppelPommes Mayo on SecondLife. I am no longer active on Facebook because it sucks too much (even more so since 2018).

The earliest incarnation of this site went online around 1997, after the University of Bochum supplied a server for student-homepages (there has been an older parallel version hosted by a free homepage-provider, which dates from the end of 1996, written entirely in german -which means I am online for 20 years now :-) ).

Currently, the page runs on a MediaWiki, using the Chameleon skin with fixed header layout and a slightly customized Bootswatch Yeti theme.

Between December 2002 and January 2006 the page has been hosted by, since January 2006 it resides on a virtual server at on

If your browser does not support Javascript, please use the sitemap for navigation (sorry for the inconvenience, but -hey- it's the 21st century, nobody really uses lynx anymore).

Since 25th of May 2018, the Internet got a lot safer by adding more legalese. Read the DSGVO-Disclaimer if you must.

The other legalese can also be found here. Read it, if you must.