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What's that about?

Welcome to my personal [python1.html Python] homepage. At the moment you will only find some links to other sites, as I haven't had time to put together some stuff of general interest.

Python is a portable, object-oriented and last but not least easy-to-learn scripting language which can be used for everything from throwaway-scripting to complete applications .

Because it is quite easy to read and to understand, and because it is portable and especially because much stuff for processing PDB-files (containing information about molecular models (Proteins, RNA, organic and inorganic molecules) already existed, I had chosen Python as the implementation language for some data-parsing and conversion tools I desperately needed during and shortly after my diploma-work.

More recently I have written some glue-logic for my Ph.D. work (macromolecular crystallography) which does more or less similar things as the GROMOS96-scripts: Input-generation and some logfile-parsing.

And of course Python is essential, if you like Pymol , a molecular graphics program which uses it as its extension and scripting language.