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MPI for Developmental Biology

After the not so lucky visit to the world of economy and free markets, I decided it would be the right time to do some post-doctoral studies, currently at the MPI for Developmental Biology in Tübingen as a bioinformatics computer scientist.

A zebrafish

I work on implementing a microarray-database for the ZF-Models-project. Doing so I had to learn a bit more about Apple computers, Perl (particulary Bioperl) and PHP.

If I have the time, I write something up regarding striped fish, microarray-analysis and web-based databases...

In the meantime feel free to have a look at my Eclipse pages, where you can find some info about plugins I use rather frequently for my job.

Proteom Centrum Tübingen

S aureus.pngBefore I went to the MPI I have been at the University of Tübingen, running the bioinformatics part of the Proteom Centrum Tübingen for 1.5 years.

Beside running the IT, I have done a larger study on Staphylococcus aureus which will be published in Proteomics in the next time.


While finishing my Ph.D. I have been hired by Exelixis Deutschland GmbH, the -no longer existing- german branch of Exelixis Inc. from South San Francisco.

Me exel desk.png

Me, sitting in front of our building in Tübingen, the former MPI for Biology.